Dave Hayes, Making a Difference

When Dave Hayes was in high school, he spent time as a year as a rodeo bronc and bull rider. He's been willing to take a few rough rides since then as well---just ask some of his colleagues at the State Capitol. When not serving as a Representative, he performs his duties as a Snohomish County Sheriff Sergeant. Dave has served as the elected president by the 4,500 police officers of WACOPS, standing up for everyone's public safety needs. He is also a naval veteran and has taught at Everett Community College.

Family is the center of Dave's life. He and his wife Lisa have two sons, both of whom have served their country in the military. They are proud grandparents twice over as well.

Dave and Lisa believe in teaching by example the importance of service to our youth. They have served youth missions to New Orleans, where they were involved in environmental restoration efforts, and to Mexico, where they helped rebuild churches and other buildings in impoverished areas. Residents of Camano Island for twenty-two years, Dave and Lisa have coached local youth football and basketball teams. 

Dave Hayes believes in giving back to the community on and off the job. Recognizing that education is paramount to the success of our economy, Dave serves as a board member for the Stanwood Camano Area Foundation managing college scholarships and community resources for the area. Dave has served as a volunteer water board member commissioner, and as Vice President of the Deputy Sheriff's Association. As a member of the state legislature, he has been elected by his peers as the House Minority Whip and also serves on the Joint Committee on Veterans and Military Affairs.

Dave Hayes, Making a Difference for Our Community and Our State

Dave has been proud to stand up for your values and make a positive difference in his first six years as your State Representative in the 10th District.

As Dave arrived in Olympia, he was determined to fight the irresponsible spending policies put in place by the current leadership; policies that put working people and retired seniors at risk. Dave successfully fought for and initiated meaningful legislation that improves our quality of life by providing greater public safety and an improved economic environment that creates real jobs. Dave supported legislation that reforms our education system to prepare our students for 21st century challenges and legislation to improve our woefully inadequate transportation system.

Dave does everything possible to reform our bloated state government. Irresponsible spending has to be reined in and policies changed to stretch the value of our hard-earned tax dollars.

As a prior member of the Education Committee, Dave stood up against unfunded mandates and policies that reduce local control and drown our schools in bureaucracy. Dave opposes legislation that endangers students and reduces their ability to be successful in the 21st century job market. Dave proposed a $30 million budget amendment that would have provided School Resource Officers to school across the state that don’t already have officer assigned to the school. 

On the House Transportation Committee, Dave worked hard on policy to reform our current cumbersome permitting procedures. Today's permitting environment slows down badly needed projects and wastes your tax dollars. Dave feels that more focus must be placed on maintenance and preservation projects that cares for the transportation infrastructure already in place. 

On the Public Safety Committee, Dave successfully argued against proposals that would lower accountability of criminals by reducing the seriousness level of possession of dangerous narcotics. Using his experience in law enforcement, Dave built a bi-partisan coalition that passed a school safety and security bill and brought communities and law enforcement officers together on a compromise bill regarding police officer’s deadly use of force.

As a former member of the Community Economic Revitalization Board, Dave took steps to create living wage jobs through needed infrastructure development using grants, loans and commitments from private corporations. Communities in the 10th Legislative District have directly benefited from these grants. 

Dave believes our shared values are at risk. We cannot sit back and allow special interests to hijack our scarce resources for their pet projects that don't address the core problems that endanger our quality of life. Our current path of reckless, irresponsible spending and policies place our state's retired seniors, hardworking citizens and our children in jeopardy.

The business as usual way of life that has controlled Olympia for the past generation must end, putting policies in place that provide for an improved way of life now and for those families who follow.

Dave wants to continue making a difference in the fight to turn the tide in our state and needs your help to do that. As a career law enforcement officer, Dave has seen the struggles of many of our citizens first hand and knows the consequences of misplaced government priorities.

Dave will continue to work diligently for you in Olympia and at home.

Together, we will continue to make a difference.