The Herald,  Everett, WA

Whidbey News Times, 

Hayes is a steady drum supporting the island and should be re-elected to continue his work in the House.

South Whidbey Record, 

For position 2 in the House’s 10th Legislative District, Dave Hayes deserves another two years... While South Whidbey residents may not agree with all his positions, his seat on the House Education Committee makes him a valuable player concerning Olympia’s mandate to comply with the McCleary decision. Also, his experience in law enforcement will be needed as mental health and all its complexities becomes an increasingly discussed topic in the Legislature.

Association of Washington Business,  (AWB - WA State's Chamber of Commerce)

"...we want to thank you for your support of those issues important to maintaining and creating jobs and strengthening our economy."

National Federation of Independent Business,  (NFIB)

Washington Farm Bureau,  (WFB)

Washington Retail Association

Washington Retail Association,  (WRA)

Dear Dave, 

On behalf of the members of the Washington Retail Association, congratulations on receiving our official endorsement for election this fall.

Retailers in Washington State collect billions of dollars in sales taxes and employ hundreds of thousands of workers while contributing millions of dollars in business and property taxes. 

Your continued support will help protect the rights of retailers from too much government regulation and over taxation.

We look forward to working with you on important retail issues during the 2015 legislative session.


Jan Teague

Mark Johnson
VP/ Government Affairs

Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs,  (WACOPS)

Washington Federation of State Employees,  (Council 28 AFSCME)

GOAL,  (Gun Owners Action League of Washington)

Washington Teamsters Legislative League,  (Teamsters Joint Council No. 28)

Washington State Troopers Association,  (WSPTA)

Washington State Fraternal Order of Police,  (FOP)

John Roozen,  Farmer

Washington State Veterinary Medical Association,  (WSVMA)

Washington Hospitality Association,  (WHA)

Council of Metropolitan Police and Sheriffs,  (COMPAS)