The Herald  Oct. 16, 2018

"Hayes… has proved himself an effective lawmaker, who should continue to represent his district." Please visit HeraldNet.com for the full article "Editorial: Smith, Hayes for 10th Legislative District"

Association of Washington Business  (AWB - WA State's Chamber of Commerce)

“…we would like to thank you for your support of the issues that make a difference to the competitiveness of our state’s private sector employers.”

Camano Island Fire Fighters Local 4033 

The Law Enforcement Administrators of Washington  (LAW)

“LAW is pleased to announce our endorsement of your bid for re-election as the Representative from Washington’s 10thLegislative District, Position 2. Our endorsements are limited to those candidates who have shown an extraordinary amount of support to law enforcement and whose actions have demonstrated a commitment to public safety.”

National Federation of Independent Business  (NFIB)

Public School Employees of Washington  (PSE)

Washington Bikes Logo

Washington Bikes  wabikes.org

"We are happy to announce that you have been endorsed for the 2018 general election by Washington Bikes. We look forward to working with you on measures that will improve the 10th legislative district's communities and promote the health, safety, and economic benefits of bicycling.

Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs  (WACOPS)

Washington Dairy Families 

“We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your leadership and public service efforts”

Washington Farm Bureau  (WFB)

Washington Federation of State Employees  (Council 28 AFSCME)

Washington Fire Chiefs Logo

Washington Fire Chiefs 

"On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Washington Fire Chiefs, we are pleased to inform you of our endorsement of your 2018 election campaign.

The Washington Fire Chiefs have chosen to endorse your 2018 election campaign because of your hard work, responsiveness, understanding and support of our fire service related issues. We encourage you to use this endorsement as part of your re-election efforts. If you would like “fire chiefs” flags for your campaign signs please let us know and we will get them to you.

If we can be of assistance to you during your campaign and during your term of office, please contact us."

Washington Food Industry Association 

Washington Hospitality Association  (WHA)

Washington Retail Association

Washington Retail Association  (WRA)

"“Retail is the nation’s and state’s largest private sector employer supporting one in four jobs in the U.S. overall, or 42 million working Americans. The industry is considered a daily barometer for the economy. Due to these numbers, it is apparent that legislators like you, who continue to make strides for and to protect business, are vital to Washington state."

Washington State Council of Fire Fighters 

Washington State Fraternal Order of Police  (FOP)

Washington State Troopers Association  (WSPTA)

Washington State Veterinary Medical Association  (WSVMA)

Washington Teamsters Legislative League  (Teamsters Joint Council No. 28)

Ramon Hayes  Mayor of La Conner

Jill Boudreau  Mayor of Mount Vernon

Victor Adams  Sedro Woolley

James Adsley  Langley

Steve Anderson  Lake Stevens

Butch and Barbara Bailey  Oak Harbor - State Senator

Gerald Betts  Camano Island

Jess and Sarah Brannon  Stanwood

Mark Brown  Oak Harbor - Sheriff

Bobbi Butterworth  La Conner

Jim Campbell  Oak Harbor

Dan Cameron  Mount Vernon

Tina Champeaux  Sedro Woolley

Erica Christiansen  Everett

Jay Crawford  Mount Vernon

Marilyn Davis-Westlund  Stanwood - Retired

Donald DeBode  Oak Harbor - Innkeeper

Gail DeBolt Hall  Oak Harbor - Retired

Darrell Dillard  Mount Vernon

Bob and Claire Eberle  La Conner

George Edmundson  Burlington

Patty Encinas  Oak Harbor

Jerry Evans  Camano Island - Realtor

Rick and Monica Felici  Coupeville

Grant and Phyllis Gard  Camano Island - Retired

Greg Gilday  Camano Island - Business owner

Laurie Glaspy  Camano Island

Randy and Aileen Good  Sedro Woolley

Donna Grate  Oak Harbor

Jim Grove  Anacortes

Linda Hadley  Camano Island

Arlyn Harang  Camano Island

Wayne Havens  Camano Island - Retired

Lisa Hayes  Camano Island

Shaina Holbeck  Camano Island

Donald Howat  Oak Harbor

Larry Jensen  Mount Vernon

James Kerr  Anacortes

Renae Kettler  Stanwood - Business owner

Ken and Juliana Klein  Arlington

Brad and Debra Lang  Oak Harbor

Leif Larsen  Camano Island

Julie Lauderdale  Coupeville

Wyatt Livingston  Stanwood

Steve Love  Camano Island - Self employed

Greg and Teresa Luce  Stanwood

Stan and Karen Malmin  Camano Island

Dave Mark  Camano Island

Kelly Mauck  Camano Island

I have known Dave both personally and professionally for more than a decade. I was a former law enforcement officer with 22 years of service having spent the last 9.5 years of my career as the administrative Undersheriff for Island County. My wife is a full-time firefighter/paramedic. 

Dave is one of the most genuine, hardworking, and passionate individuals I know. He genuinely wants to serve his constituents and has made decisions and worked hard on behalf of all our states Citizens. Dave uses a commonsense approach. He advocates for positive change and makes decisions based on what is best for his constituents, regardless of party affiliation. 

We are extremely fortunate to have Dave represent us! His knowledge, dedication, attitude, and selflessness make him a unique candidate. My family will vote for Dave and we would encourage you to set aside part affiliation and elect Dave as our State Representative. He is, without question, the most qualified, deserving and sincere candidate we have! Volunteer and Join the campaign!

Gale McCroskey  Camano Island

William McDaniel  Oak Harbor - Retired Navy Admiral

Vicky McFarlane  Langley

Pat Miller  Mount Vernon

Beth Munson  Camano Island

Tyler Mylers  Camano Island store owner

Ed and Nancy Oczkewicz  Mount Vernon

Patricia Olsen  Camano Island

Tod Petersen  Stanwood

Rich and Cindy Phillips  Stanwood

Carolyn Raport  Camano Island

Donna Rex  Stanwood

Albert Robinson  Stanwood

John Roozen  Mount Vernon

Dave Rudy  Mount Vernon

Jim and Martha Schelle  Camano Island

Don and Frances Schlagel  Camano Island - Business owners

Bob Severns  Mayor of Oak Harbor

Norma Smith  Clinton - State Representative

Tyson Stoner  Camano Island - General contractor

Bill Swanson  Mount Vernon - Farmer

Gary and Caroline Swanson  Oak Harbor

Jock Thompson  Stanwood

Barbara Tolbert  Mayor of Arlington

Leslie Tripp-Boyle  Stanwood - Business owner

Joe Uhrich  Camano Island

Bruce and Ann Vantassell  Oak Harbor

Bill Velacich  Sedro Woolley

Bill Wagner  Camano Island - Retired

John Weber  Coupeville - Retired

Ann Wilder  La Conner

Dave Williams  Oak Harbor

Fred and Vicki Wilmot  Oak Harbor

George Wolner  Sedro Woolley

Lucas and Michelle Yonkman  Oak Harbor - Business owners